Tortoise shell glasses have been a favorite for decades or even centuries. Tortoiseshell is probably the most popular and valuable material for bespoke eyewear.

Tortoise shell is a rare material and its use is strictly regulated. Scale craftsmen are counted on the fingers of one hand today. Their once widespread know-how is highly remarkable and desirable nowadays.

Ateliers Baudin revivify this know-how. Today we are one of the most renowned workshops in the field of custom-made tortoise shell glasses.

Tortoise shells offer a multitude of colors, from dark almost black to light blond, through chestnut or cherry. No imitation offers such variety or shine as real tortoiseshell.

Tortoise shell is a natural material – some say sensual – and light. It allows fine drawings such as the famous glasses of Mr Pei Tortoiseshell. One of the most famous shape is that of the great designer and architect Le Corbusier. More recently, the tortoiseshell was crafted with more thickness and material to create the famous Mister Yves Saint Laurent glasses. Ateliers Baudin is today able to recreate, adapt or reinterpret these famous models of tortoiseshell glasses

The price of a bespoke tortoiseshell glasses will depend on several parameters: the complexity of the design and the number of hours to achieve it, the amount of raw material to be used, and finally the color of the shell that will be used. The more a tortoiseshell is blonde and clear, the rarer it is. The rarest is the extra blonde tortoise shell.

We are at your disposal to study with you the project of creating a pair of bespoke glasses. It is a rare and exclusive object, appreciated by amateurs. Take the time to understand your wishes, draw the model that suits you, make a prototypes… are the essential steps to implement for your satisfaction. Our philosophy is to accompany Рand sometimes guide Рyour desires to create a timeless object.